“Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me” - matthew 25:40
Living Hope, Zambia, was formed when husband and wife team, David (from Gympie, Australia) and Mary (born and raised in Zambia) were asked to take in a 3 month old baby boy who had been turned over to Social Welfare by his father. His mother had died from complications in child-birth and his father was not equipped to care for him. The child would have died had his father kept him, so in love, he gave him up.
David & Mary Chapman

Baby Unit / Transit Home

The home, which will be built in the Chingola South area of Chingola, is to care for orphaned children.

Fipuya Training Farm

Run and managed by Zambians, it boasts fruit trees, crops and livestock. Annual field days provide opportunities to provide small-scale farmers with ideas, training and information on farming techniques. 

School Support

Many schools have been established with the aim of providing education to poor, vulnerable and orphaned children in the local communities and villages. With the support we receive from sponsors we are able to help develop these schools and deliver much needed resources such as books, uniforms and food.

Educations Sponsorship

Living Hope receives no ongoing government funding so we rely entirely on the generous donations from people like you to help us create a better life for children and families in Zambia.

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