School Support

The education system in Zambia currently consists of 7 years of primary schooling and 5 years of secondary schooling.  Most schools in rural areas are run down buildings, huts or mud brick buildings.  School teachers and supplies are in dire need.

How we help local Schools

Many schools have been established with the aim of providing education to poor, vulnerable and orphaned children in the local communities and villages.  Often these schools are established and run by teachers who may or may not be paid.  They run with minimal equipment on minimal budgets and rely on outside donations to keep their doors open. 

Fees are negligible for students and uniforms are optional or these children would not be able to attend school.  If they can get sufficient support lunch is provided, meaning that the children get at least a few good meals a week. We get the privilege of helping develop these schools and delivering to them some of the amazing donations of books, uniforms and food stuffs that generous people donate.

One of our very rural schools is providing education for approximately 450 children from Grades 1-9 with only 2 complete classrooms!  Two grades squeeze into one classroom at a time and two sittings are done a day. The Grade 7’s learn in a nearby Church and the Grade 2’s and 3’s learn in a make-shift classroom made with planks of wood. In wet season these children get rained on. In cold season they get the flu. In hot season they bake. 
The school community has together built a new classroom block to roof level, but they need trusses and roofing sheets to finish it off. Can you help us to help them?
Roofing sheets are $17 each and they require a total of 40 sheets. Truss timbers are $11 each and are requiring 40.  The Community will complete the works, they just need help for the last of the supplies. Can you help us to help further the education of these precious children?

How you can help...

Education Sponsorship

Children are sponsored to attend the school that they are already attending or enrolled in, or their nearest suitable local school.  Most families can only afford to send one child off to school.  Sponsorship opportunities are available for Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schooling…

Donate Supplies

Children in Africa are in desperate need of school supplies and the average classroom lacks the basic essential supplies that make for a worthwhile educational experience.  Once or twice a year a shipping container is packed and shipped from Australia with all manner of goods and equipment. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Schools we Support

With your help we can make sure the children of Zambia recieve the supplies they need for their education.