Education Sponsorship

Living hope help to sponsor those children whose families cannot afford to send them to school.  These children would not be able to get an education if it was not for the support of sponsorship.

Educating the future of Zambia

Education is vital for the survival and development of nations, but for many Zambian families the expense of fees, uniforms and books makes it out of reach.  It is simply not affordable. Many of these children live with older siblings, aunts, grandparents, or all alone.

David & Mary Chapman currently assist in distributing funds received for the educational expenses of over 80 children.  With your help we can increase this number and ensure that the upcoming generation will be well educated for the future.

How you can help...

Education Sponsorship

Children are sponsored to attend the school that they are already attending or enrolled in, or their nearest suitable local school.  Most families can only afford to send 1 child off to school.  Sponsorship opportunities are available for Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schooling…

Donate Supplies

Children in Africa are in desperate need of school supplies and the average classroom lacks the basic essential supplies that make for a worthwhile educational experience.  Once or twice a year a shipping container is packed and shipped from Australia with all manner of goods and equipment. 

Feed a Family

Most children in Zambia will only eat one meal a day, and in some cases this meal is provided by the school.  Just AU$1 will feed a child one meal for a day at school.  AU$15 will buy a 25kg sack of ground maize meal, Zambia’s staple food source, and will feed 20 school children for 7 days.

Children Who Need Sponsorship

With your help we can send these children off to school…

Where does my money go?

Money received for sponsorship is used primarily, unless otherwise arranged with you, to help support your sponsored child through their education.  The vast majority of money received goes towards paying school fees & school expenses (such as PTA or exam fees), purchasing uniforms, or purchasing stationery supplies.

We conduct school and home visits of all our sponsored children when needed and regularly host many of our sponsored children and/or their families for counselling, support, discipleship and general visits. Your sponsorship may help to cover the transport costs of us caring for your sponsored child in this way.

We may also utilise a small portion of money received to help us with our accountability and record keeping, and in order to provide you with current information about your sponsored child, new photos and good updates.

If we have made arrangements with you, your sponsored child and their family may also receive monthly payments to help cover living costs of food, clothing, rent and other home expenses.  This is not usually  included.