Make a Donation

Living Hope receives no ongoing government funding so we rely entirely on the generous donations from people like you to help us create a better life for children and families in Zambia.

Thank You!

Thank you for thinking of partnering with Living Hope Zambia.  It is only through the faith and generosity of supporters throughout Australia that Living Hope Zambia are able to support and make a difference to the lives of Zambians through the multitude of projects including; Education Sponsorship and School Support, Baby Unit/Transit Home, Family Support, Container Ministry and Fipuya Training Farm.  Please contact us if you would like more information or would like to donate to one of Living Hope’s projects.

Where you can make a difference...

Education Sponsorship

Children are sponsored to attend the school that they are already attending/enrolled in, or their nearest suitable school. Most Zambian families can only afford to send one child off to school.  Sponsorship opportunities are available for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schooling.

School Support

Many schools have been established with the aim  of providing education to poor, vulnerable and orphaned children in the local communities and villages.  Living Hope get the privilege of helping develop these schools and deliver them some of the amazing donations of books, uniforms and food stuffs that generous people donate.

Baby Unit

A home, which is built in the Chingola South area to care for orphaned babies and children. Many Zambian women suffer from complications of child-birth, or chronic illnesses, which frequently result in death and the orphaning of their very young children. 

Feed a Family

For many Zambian families even putting enough food on the table for their children can be a challenge.  Just $55 AUD can provide additional food support to a family of 6-7 with Nshima (maize meal), meat and vegetables and will ensure their children have sufficient quality meals for a month.

Fipuya Training Farm

With the addition of 3 training huts, Living Hope have the capacity to host trainee farmers for up to 3 months of intensive, on site training. Annual field days also provide the opportunity to provide small-scale farmers with ideas, training and farming techniques to implement on their own property. 

How to make a Donation...

Tax Deductible Donation

Living Hope Zambia have partnered with Hands and Feet Inc to enable our sponsors to donate direct funds to projects in a tax effective manner, supporting our base aim of helping those in need.

Hands and Feet Inc charge an 8% administration and international transfer cost.

Reference: LHZ001 followed by the childs file number (if sponsoring a child’s education) and the child/project name.

For example, LHZ001 45.Gift

Direct Deposit to Living Hope

If you are not concerned about  tax deductible donating you can direct deposit straight into Living Hope Zambia’s bank account and start helping those in need today. 

You will also receive a Tax Deductible Receipt.

Account Name: Living Hope Zambia

BSB # 802 759

Account # 100 000 467

Reference: LHZ001 followed by the childs file number (if sponsoring a child’s education) and the child/project name.

For example, LHZ001 45.Gift

Where does my money go?

Money received for sponsorship is used primarily, unless otherwise arranged with you, to help support your sponsored child through their education.  The vast majority of money received goes towards paying school fees & school expenses (such as PTA or exam fees), purchasing uniforms, or purchasing stationery supplies.

We conduct school and home visits of all our sponsored children when needed and regularly host many of our sponsored children and/or their families for counselling, support, discipleship and general visits. Your sponsorship may help to cover the transport costs of us caring for your sponsored child in this way.

We may also utilise a small portion of money received to help us with our accountability and record keeping, and in order to provide you with current information about your sponsored child, new photos and good updates.

If we have made arrangements with you, your sponsored child and their family may also receive monthly payments to help cover living costs of food, clothing, rent and other home expenses.  This is not usually  included.