Container Ministry

Living Hope co-ordinate containers of donated goods mostly from Australia, and distribute directly to local Zambian residents in need.  For some this is the only way to access resources such as clothing, school supplies and business equipment.

About Container Ministry

1-2 times per year a shipping container is packed and shipped from Australia with all manner of goods and equipment for use in our ministry.

From education resources to clothing to building tools and materials, these containers of resources help us to serve and bless our community.  Sometimes specific equipment is requested and packed – more often than not, the generosity of thoughtful donors pack the containers with much needed supplies that we distribute to the community.

Donations Needed:

  • Casual clothing and uniforms
  • Shoes
  • School supplies such as;  pencils, pens, notebooks, calculators, erasers, scissors, rulers ect
  • Books
  • Bedding
  • Office equipment

How you can donate to the Container ministry

Please contact us by phoning Contact us on +260 967 951 579 or emailing [email protected]